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Return to Ravnica Case Tournament - Standard Format

Saturday, August 2nd

Registration begins at 11am

Play begins at 12pm

Entry Fee $25

-Swiss Format with Playoff Cut to Top 8.

-Deck Lists will be required for this event.

-Standard Format.


1st Place - 3 Return to Ravnica Booster Boxes

2nd Place - 1 Return to Ravnica Booster Box

3rd & 4th Place - 18 Return to Ravnica Booster Packs

5th - 8th Place - 9 Return to Ravnica Booster Packs

-Guaranteed prize at 24+ Players.

-Guaranteed 3 Booster Boxes at 12+ Players.

-Additional booster pack prizes at 25+ Players.

-Players can choose any standard format booster boxes as prizes.

-Players will have Store Credit and Cash Prize options available.

*As part of our Summer of Magic we'll be giving each participant a promo card just for playing!*


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