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Marvel HeroClix: Captain America and the Avengers #3

Monday, March 2nd, 2020 @ 6:30PM @ Kings Games ENTRY FEE: One 5 figure booster or Heroclix Product of Equivalent value FORMAT: Golden Age Constructed BUILD: 500 points ACTIONS: 5 Actions SIDELINE: 15 figures MAP: Bring your own maps (Orange rules and Location Bonuses will be in effect) Turns: Unlimited turns (40 - 45 minute rounds) TACTICS Ø Resources Ø ID Cards Ø Feats Ø Battlefield Conditions Ø Team Bases Ø Vehicles Ø Event Dials Ø Artifacts, Spells, etc. Ø Possession Ø Horde Tokens Ø Colossal Figures (MAX 1) Ø Special Objects/Relics Ø Special Terrain/Location Bonuses/Orange Map Rules Ø Bystander Tokens Ø Themed Teams Ø ATAs RESTRICTIONS Ø Ultra Heavy and Ultra Light objects cannot be used. BUILD RULES Ø Build a 500 point NAMED THEME team. Ø Your team must include one STANDARD, NON-PRIME figure that is 50 points are less and does not have the keyword for your named theme. That figure will lose all of their keywords and gain the keyword for your named theme. CLARIFICATIONS Ø You cannot have more than one colossal figure on your team. Ø Colossal figures are not standard and therefore cannot be chosen as the figure to gain your named theme keyword.

PRIZES Ø Prizes from the prize pool!

Please register for this event on the Wizkids Event System.

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