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HeroClix: Star Trek - Resistance Is Futile Release

Monday, July 29th, 2019 @ 6:30PM @ Kings Games ENTRY FEE: $20 (for 5 boosters of Star Trek: TNG - Resistance is Futile) FORMAT: Sealed BUILD: 300 points ACTIONS: 3 Actions SIDELINE: 9 figures MAP: Bring your own Maps (Orange rules and Location Bonuses are NOT in effect) Turns: Unlimited turns (40 - 45 minute rounds) TACTICS Ø Resources Ø ID Cards Ø Feats Ø Battlefield Conditions Ø Team Bases Ø Vehicles Ø Event Dials Ø Artifacts, Spells, etc. Ø Possession Ø Horde Tokens Ø Colossal Figures Ø Special Objects/Relics Ø Special Terrain/Location Bonuses/Orange Map Rules Ø Bystander Tokens Ø Themed Teams Ø ATAs RESTRICTIONS Ø Ultra Heavy and Ultra Light objects cannot be used. BUILD RULES Ø Build a 300 point team using the contents of your boosters. CLARIFICATIONS Ø PRIZES Ø Prizes from the prize pool! Please register for this event on the Wizkids Event System.

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