Marvel HeroClix: X-Men the Animated Series, the Dark Phoenix Saga #6

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 @ 6:30PM @ Kings Games
ENTRY FEE: One 5 figure booster or Heroclix product of equivalent value
FORMAT:     Golden Age Constructed
BUILD:          300 points
ACTIONS:     3 Actions
SIDELINE:    No Limit (SEE Build Instructions)
MAP:             Bring your own maps (Orange rules and Location Bonuses WILL NOT be in effect)
Turns:            Unlimited turns (40 - 45 minute rounds)     
Ø  Resources
Ø  ID Cards
Ø  Feats
Ø  Battlefield Conditions
Ø  Team Bases
Ø  Vehicles
Ø  Event Dials
Ø  Artifacts, Spells, etc.
Ø  Possession
Ø  Horde Tokens
Ø  Colossal Figures
Ø  Special Objects/Relics
Ø  Special Terrain/Location Bonuses/Orange Map Rules
Ø  Bystander Tokens
Ø  Themed Teams
Ø  Ultra Heavy and Ultra Light objects cannot be used.
Ø  Build a 300 point team (I highly encourage you to use as many figures as you can that you haven't used before).
Whenever a friendly figure is KO'd place a special terrain marker in the square they last occupied.
At the beginning of your next turn place any number of figures from your sideline within 3 squares of one of your special markers.
You cannot have more than 300 points of figures on the map at any given time.


Ø 2x2 figures cannot be used.


Ø  Fear Lord LEs and Prizes from the OP Kit and prize pool!


Please register for this event on the WizKids Event System.





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We encourage you to print out and bring a deck list with you. Alternatively, blank deck list forms will be available at the tournament.

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