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Yu-Gi-Oh! YCS VIP Qualifier - Columbus, OH

Sunday, September 2nd

Registration begins at 1pm

Play begins at 2pm

$12 Entry Fee

Each player receives three (3) Booster Packs just for playing!

Advanced Format – Swiss with a Playoff Cut Prizing: 1st Place = Invite to the YCS with VIP Package AND a Battle City Game Mat! 2nd-4th Place = Duelists after the final Round of Swiss (or at the end of the final Playoff round), are awarded the Battle City Token Cards, with 2nd Place picking first, followed by 3rd Place, then 4th Place.

o Free Entry into the YCS (Must be the YCS in which the YCS VIP Qualifier is qualifying for - Prize is non-transferable)

o Duelist will receive all YCS participation prizes they would be eligible for with regular paid entry (Tokens, Participation Packs, etc.), if applicable

o Two-Round BYE in the YCS

-Player will start the tournament in Round 3 with a 2-0 record (2 Wins and 0 Losses)

-Assigned Seating throughout the course of the YCS Main Event in the VIP Section

---Brief Player Profile on the YCS Coverage Site,

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