MTG Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier - Sealed Deck - (Dublin 2017)

Sunday, July 24th

Registration opens at 11am

Play begins at 12pm

$40 Entry Fee

Sealed Deck is 4 booster packs of Eldritch Moon and 2 booster packs of Shadows over Innistrad.

-Sealed Deck Format with a Top 8 Draft -Swiss Format with Playoff Cut to Top 8 -Deck Registration will be required for this event

Planeswalker Points Multiplier: 4x

Prize Payout :

-We'll be adding five booster packs per player to the prize pool -Booster Pack prizes will be awarded to top finishers

1st Place - Regional PTQ Invite + Booster Pack Prizes

Booster Pack prizes can be redeemed at $2.00 Store Credit per booster pack.

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We encourage you to print out and bring a deck list with you. Alternatively, blank deck list forms will be available at the tournament.

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