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Flesh & Blood Pre-Calling Event - Sealed Deck

Saturday, November 16th

Registration begins at 1pm

Play begins at 2pm

$30 Entry Fee

The format is Welcome to Rathe Sealed Deck. This means that anyone can show up and play with the cards you receive on the day, no preparation required! Prizes: - 8 cold foil weapon cards to be awarded to the top 8 players - 4 peoples champion play mats (1 of each hero) - to be awarded to the highest placed player of that hero after swiss if there is a top 8. If there is no top 8 these will be awarded as door prizes. - 32 extended art cards (8 of each from the season) - to be awarded as participation cards. If the event has more than 32 players, award to the first 32 players who register. - We will have one studio member to play in your event as a Bounty Player. Anyone defeating the studio player will receive a special prize

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