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HeroClix - Adam's Brooklyn Nationals

Monday, June 24th, 2019 @ 6:30PM @ Kings Games

ENTRY FEE: $20 FORMAT: Golden Age Constructed BUILD: 400 points ACTIONS: 4 Actions SIDELINE: 12 figures MAP: Bring your own Maps (Orange rules and Location Bonuses are in effect) Turns: Unlimited turns (40 - 45 minute rounds)

TACTICS Ø Resources Ø ID Cards Ø Feats Ø Battlefield Conditions Ø Team Bases Ø Vehicles Ø Event Dials Ø Artifacts, Spells, etc. Ø Possession Ø Horde Tokens Ø Colossal Figures (Cannot start on their retaliation starting click) Ø Special Objects/Relics Ø Special Terrain/Location Bonuses/Orange Map Rules Ø Bystander Tokens Ø Themed Teams Ø ATAs

RESTRICTIONS Ø Ultra Heavy and Ultra Light objects cannot be used. Ø Convention Exclusive Felix Faust and CopyCat cannot be played. Ø Colossal figures cannot start on their retaliation starting click. Ø Keyword cheating of any kind is not allowed. For example, you can play Duhg but he will not grant anyone his Duhg's Army keyword. 😢

BUILD RULES Ø Build a 400 point Golden Age NAMED theme team. All figures must be from Marvel, DC, TMNT or Star Trek sets. Your theme CANNOT be any of the following. For example, Hulk with the Avengers keyword can be played on a Defenders theme team but not on an Avengers theme team. Avengers X-Men Justice League Batman Family Gotham City Gotham City Underworld Hypersonic Speed cannot be used.


PRIZES Ø The prizes will include Heroclix items that were available at US Nationals. Breakdown by attendance is below! If we get 6 players there will be 2 buyables added to the pool. If we get 8 players there will be 4 buyables added to the pool. If we get 10 players or more all buyables will be added to the pool. Ø Everyone will get something worth at least the price of entry.

Please register for this event on the Wizkids Event System.

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