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Yu-Gi-Oh Mega Battle (Crossed Souls Case Event)

Sunday, May 31st

Registration begins at 12pm

Play begins at 1pm

$20 Entry Fee

Receive FIVE (5) booster packs of Crossed Souls with your entry!

With only 30+ players we'll be giving out a full case of Crossed Souls!! Six booster boxes upon entry and six more booster boxes as prizes.


1st = 3 Sealed Booster Boxes of Crossed Souls

2nd = 1 Sealed Booster Box of Crossed Souls

3rd & 4th = 12 Booster Packs of Crossed Souls

5th - 8th = 6 Booster Packs of Crossed Souls

Top 8 players receive exclusive playmats!

Full prizes guaranteed at 30+ Players.

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