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Yu-Gi-Oh Blitz Series Tournament Week

Monday, February 16th THROUGH Friday, February 20th

Registration begins at 4pm EACH DAY

Play begins at 5pm EACH DAY

Entry fee $12

Players receive THREE $4 booster packs of their choice just for entering! (Players can opt for 2 Astral Packs and 1 Battle Pack for entering as well)

For five days in a row we are going to run a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament each day and award 24 packs in prizes each day to the top 4 (12/6/3/3). We will keep track of all match wins in the swiss rounds and award an additional SEALED BOOSTER BOX OF SECRET FORCES to the player with the most match wins over the course of all 5 days!

Please note that these tournaments will be run *instead* of the 5pm events on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week, so plan accordingly!

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