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Yu-Gi-Oh! Day - Mystic Fighters Edition

Saturday, November 23rd

Registration opens at 12pm

Play begins at 1pm

Entry Fee: $12

Players receive THREE Mystic Fighters booster packs just for entering! Advanced Constructed Format. Swiss Rounds. No Playoff Cut Prizes: 1st Place = Yu‐Gi‐Oh! Day exclusive Game Mat & 5 booster packs 2nd - 8th Place = 3 booster packs each Top 8 = Yu‐Gi‐Oh! Day Field Center Cards Yu‐Gi‐Oh! Day Mouse Pad Prize = Awarded to the highest ranked Duelist, after the conclusion of the last round of Swiss, who is also running a minimum of ten (10) cards from Mystic Fighters in their Deck (including reprints)

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