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Yu-Gi-Oh The New Challengers CASE Tournament

Sunday, November 30th

Registration begins at 12pm

Play begins at 1pm

$20 Entry Fee

Want to receive $5 OFF your entry fee? Please "JOIN" the event AND "SHARE" this on your Facebook page by 4pm on Saturday, November 29th and ask for your discounted entry fee when you sign up for the tournament!!

We'll be raffling off T-Shirts and Playmats!! Come play and have a chance of winning these items!!

-Advanced Constructed Format.

-Swiss Rounds with Playoff Cut.

-Deck Lists will be required for this event.


1st: 5 Boxes of The New Challengers

2nd: 3 Boxes of The New Challengers

3rd-4th: 1 Box of The New Challengers

5th-8th: half a box of The New Challengers

*Guaranteed Prizes with 32+ Players*

*Additional Prizes with 36+ Players*

**Prizes awarded to top 16 players if there are 64+ players in the tournament!!**

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