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StarCityGames Open Trial - Win your SCG Edison Open Free Entry!!

Friday, September 26th

Registration opens at 6pm

Play begins at 7pm

$10 Entry Fee

Come by and pick up all your Khans of Tarkir! We'll have all sealed products and singles from the set available. Try to win your SCG Edison, NJ Open Free Entry!!

***As part of the Khans of Tarkir Release Weekend all players will receive a foil promo card for entering any of ours events this weekend!!***

-Swiss Format with Playoff Cut to Top 8.

-Deck Lists will be required for this event.

-Standard Format.


1st: Open Series Entry Voucher and Open Trial Playmat

2nd-4th: Open Trial Playmat

5th-8th: 1 Month Premium Access

-At 14+ Players we'll be adding THREE booster packs per player into the prize pool!

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