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Yu-Gi-Oh TCGPlayer State Championship

Sunday, July 27th

Registration begins at 10am

Play begins at 11am

Entry Fee $20

-Advanced Constructed Format

-Swiss Tournament with playoff cut

-Deck Lists are required for this event

Each player receives (5) Five Booster Packs with their entry.

1st Place

TCGplayer 2014 State Champion Playmat

50 Points

2nd Place

TCGplayer Top 8 Competitor Playmat

20 Points

3rd/4th Place

TCGplayer Top 8 Competitor Playmat

10 Points

5th-8th Place

TCGplayer Top 8 Competitor Playmat

5 Points

9th-16th Place

2 Points

The YGO Championship

The YGO Series events all lead up to one of the biggest events of the year, the YGO Championship!!!

To enter, you will need to redeem 20 TCGplayer Points. Part of the prize pool of any YGO events are physical point tokens – so start collecting as many as you can!

You will need 20 TCGplayer Points for entry, and an additional 30 TCGplayer Points for a 1 round bye, or an additional 70 TCGplayer Points for a 2 round bye.

Players will need to bring their Point cards with them for entry into the championship event.

$10,000 Prize Value

Place Value of Prizes Points

1st $3,200 60 points, Exclusive playmat

2nd $1,600 50 points, Exclusive playmat

3rd - 4th $800 30 points, Exclusive playmat

5th - 8th $500 20 points, Exclusive playmat

9th - 16th $200 10 points, Exclusive playmat

17th - 32nd 5 points, Exclusive playmat

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