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Vanguard Deck Wars - Three Box Tournament

Sunday, June 29th

Registration begins at 2pm

Play begins at 3pm

$10 Entry Fee.

-Each player must have 2-3 decks

-Each deck must be of a different clan.

-Matches will be best 2 games out of 3.

-Players can choose what deck they want to use first at the start of each match. • If you lose a game with a deck then that deck cannot be used for the rest of the match. • The deck that wins cannot be changed out until it loses.

Prizes: 3 Vanguard Booster Boxes in prizes!

*Guaranteed prize at 16+ players*

*Additional 3 Booster Packs Per Player Into Prize Pool at 20+ players*

CHAOS Format Side Events will be available as soon as we have 4 players signed up!!

$5 Entry - 4 Player Multi-Player Match. Winner receives 8 booster packs.

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