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YCS Very Important Player (VIP) Qualifier

Sunday, December 21st

Registration begins at 11am

Play begins at 12pm

$12 Entry Fee

Each player receives THREE (3) Booster Packs just for entering!

-Advanced Format

-Swiss Constructed Tournament with Top 8 Cut to a Battle Pack 3 Booster Draft Playoff

-Deck lists will be required for the Constructed portion of the event.

-Deck registration will be required for Booster Draft portion of the event


Winner receives Free Entry into the YCS Charleston, SC!!

--Duelist will receive all YCS participation prizes they would be eligible for with regular paid

--Two-Round BYE in the YCS

(Player will start the tournament in Round 3 with a 2-0 record (2 Wins and 0 Losses)

--Assigned Seating throughout the course of the YCS Main Event in the VIP Section

--Brief Player Profile on the YCS Coverage Site,

Additional prizes based on attendance.

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