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Bakugan Age of Aurelus Pre-Release

Sunday, September 1st

Registration begins at 10am

Play begins at 12pm

$40 Entry fee

What Each Player Gets: -Each player will receive a Bakugan Resurgence TCG Starter AND 6 Booster Packs of Age of Aurelus Deck Construction: Players can bring Bakugan and cores that they already own with them that can be chosen during deck construction. Each player must build a deck of exactly 40 cards, choosing from the cards in the TCG starter and packs that they were given for the event. Players can include more than 3 copies of a card in their deck if they received more than 3 copies of the card in the pool of cards that they opened for the event. Players must pick 3 Bakugan and cores to go along with them from the Bakugan and cores that they have available to them from their TCG starter and any Bakugan and cores they brought along with them. As usual only cards that share a color with one of the 3 Bakugan chosen by the player can be included in a player’s deck. Tournament Format: The tournament will consist of a number of rounds of swiss play with single elimination top cut based on the number of players in the event. Here is a break down: ● 1-8 Players: 3 rounds of swiss top 4 single elimination ● 9-16 Players: 4 rounds of swiss, top 4 single elimination ● 17-32 Players: 5 rounds of swiss, top 8 single elimination Each Swiss Round will be best of 1, 30 minute match Each Playoff Top Cut Round will be best of 3, 55 minute match If a match is still going when the time limit is reached then play will continue until the end of the current round. If no winner is determined in that round then the player with the most total cards left in their deck will win the game. If this is tied then the player with the most cards in their hand will win the game. If that is also tied, then the player with the most energy in play will win the game. In a best of 3 single elimination match if the time limit is reached, follow the above procedure. If, after the winner of the current game is determined and both players have won 1 game then a third game in the match must be started. The first player to deal damage to their opponent’s deck will win this third “Sudden Death” game, winning the match. If the first card turned up for damage is a flip card that stops the damage and can be paid for then no damage was dealt and the game continues. Prizes: 1st place - Set of Limited Edition Dragonoids, 10 booster packs , 2-player playmat

2nd place - 8 booster packs , 2-player playmat

3rd - 4th place: 6 booster packs , 2-player playmat

5th - 8th place: 4 booster packs

9th - 16th place: 2 booster packs

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