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Khans / Fate Reforged Sealed Deck Tournament

Sunday, February 22nd

Registration begins at 12pm

Play begins at 1pm

$30 Entry Fee

Players will receive (3) Khans of Tarkir & (3) Fate Reforged booster packs to build a deck.

Tournament Format for Sealed Deck events:

If we have 8 players exactly – Sealed Deck, 3 rounds Single Elimination

9-16 players – Sealed Deck, 4 rounds of Swiss – Top 8 DRAFT

16-32 players – Sealed Deck, 5 rounds of Swiss – Top 8 DRAFT

33-64 players – Sealed Deck, 6 rounds of Swiss – Top 8 DRAFT

We'll be adding 4 packs per player into the prize pool.

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