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Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Flights

Saturday, September 26th @ 5am (Right after our Midnight Prerelease Ends)

Saturday, September 26th @ 10am

Saturday, September 26th @ 3:30pm

Sunday, September 27th @ 12pm

Sunday, September 27th @ 5pm

Registration opens an hour prior to posted start times.

$30 Entry Fee

Prereleases are Sealed Deck format events, where players are given Prerelease Packs and time to construct a 40-card minimum deck.

Each player will receive a special hedron-themed Prerelease pack that they can use after the event as a take-home deck box! Inside each Prerelease box, there will be six Battle for Zendikar booster packs along with a randomized, date-stamped premium promo card, a spindown life counter and a deckbuilding advice insert. Starting with this prerelease, seeded booster packs will no longer be used. This prerelease is the first to use the "Vancouver" mulligan rule.

Players who are uncomfortable building a Sealed Deck may participate in Open Dueling instead of the main tournament. Open Dueling players use an Intro Pack to experience the new set a week before it hits shelves.

Players who participate in the tournament also have a chance to win additional booster packs of the newest set—an exclusive opportunity to take home even more of the latest cards before they’re available to purchase in stores!

Prerelease events focus on fun and enjoying the upcoming Magic expansion, allowing players a chance to experience the newest cards in a fun and stress-free environment. That said, as Sealed Deck tournaments, they follow certain rules for deck construction and play.

Decks must be constructed with a minimum of 40 cards Decks may only be built using cards opened in the Prerelease Packs assigned at the beginning of the event, and no outside cards may be added.


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